The Foundation of the St. Andrew's Society of Philadelphia

The Foundation of the St. Andrew's Society was established in 1958 as a non-profit corporation "to promote understanding between the United States and Scotland by awarding scholarships to carefully selected men under 35 years of age to attend institutions of higher learning in Scotland".

The first student received an award of $800 and attended the University of St. Andrews. After a few years, the number of annual scholarships awarded increased to three and recently to four. The students are known as Andrew Mutch Scholars in memory of the Reverend Mutch, D.D., who served as president of the Society in 1939-1940 and was one of the Foundation's original trustees.

The restrictions to male students was removed in 1981-1982 and two women were recipients of the scholarships that year. The Universities now attended by the scholars are Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow, in addition to St. Andrew's. Since 1958, more than 117 Andrew Mutch Scholars have attended these Universities.

Annually, eighteen colleges and universities within the Philadelphia region are invited to submit a candidate for study in their junior year at one of the four Universities. A candidate must be a full time registered student, a U.S. citizen and in the upper quartile of their class. The Scholarship Committee selects the scholars by screening and interview in March of each year. Currently, each scholar receives an award of $15,000, which covers a majority of their expenses.

In 1988, the Cmdr. George C. McFarland Scholarship was established. Cmdr. McFarland, a life member of the St. Andrew's Society, worked for several months setting up guidelines for the Scholarship Committee. The McFarland Scholar is selected from among candidates submitted by eighteen selected Philadelphia area colleges and universities. The $15,000 scholarship is for junior year study at the University of Edinburgh. Eric Heubner was the first McFarland scholar in 1990.

The Robert Lincoln McNeil Scholarship was established in 1969 by Henry S. McNeil and Robert Lincoln McNeil, Jr., in memory of their father, a life member of the St. Andrew's Society. It is administered by the Scholarship Committee in conjunction with the Foundation. Its purpose is to enable a student at the University of St. Andrews to experience the academic, cultural and social life of an American University, namely the University of Pennsylvania. The McNeil Scholar, selected by the faculty and administration of St. Andrew's, is the foremost student seeking to study during his/her junior year at a University in the United States. Twenty-nine scholars have been selected to study at the University of Pennsylvania. The grant awarded covers most of the academic and board expenses at Penn.

For further information contact:

David Kunz
Scholarship Committee Chairman
1528 Walnut St. Suite 500
Philadelphia PA 19102

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